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Top 100 National Acts – World Music

…And a follow-up to my last boast-post, I noticed that as of 5/30/13 Reverbnation.com also ranked my profile as #61 nationally in the World genre.  (Note: ranks change daily so the number could be very different whenever you are reading this  …hopefully upwards!).
If they have a rank for a NYC-based-left-handed-composer-trombonist-piri player-big band-and-small-ensemble-leader-with-East-Asian-and-other-influences-plus-who-knows-what- direction-I’ll-take-next category, I might even be at the top of that list.  We can only wait and see…

Ranked #6 on Reverb World Charts for NYC

FYI…  Reverbnation.com today ranked my profile at #6 in the World genre  charts for New York City.  This follows a previous-high #9 ranking last month.  Now, these ranks are volatile (they can change quite a bit in one day) and I don’t know exactly how they are calculated.  But with Reverbnation’s nearly 3 million-member worldwide pool, including myriad artists just within NYC, a ranking like “six” must mean something!  …Thanks, fans, for watching, listening to and sharing us, which I’m sure has a lot to do with us gaining in these charts!