1/8/10 Noteworthy articles in the NY Times

I’m psyched to see the coverage my collaborators Linda Oh and Darcy Argue (Bassist and Producer, respectively, on my forthcoming album) got in the NY Times article about the Winter Jazz Fest:


Speaking of the NY Times, here’s an interesting big-picture look by Jon Pareles of the music industry through the last decade, and a look at where it might be headed.


“…For artists of all kinds (with musicians on the front lines) a 21st-century habitat of possibilities and pressures is taking shape — one that demands skills their predecessors forgot or never needed. The art they make can be created, as well as disseminated, faster and more cheaply. But it will also face exponentially more rivals for attention, and many more temptations toward superficiality and sellouts…”

Although the situation is pretty daunting, it’s actually exciting to think that if we’re creative enough with our business strategies as we are with our music, maybe artists can find a way to survive or even thrive in this changing industry.  JF